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There are some that would argue that the role of the web developer, is to execute design comps. In the same way that an architect might instruct a contractor to “Build it, as I have drawn it in the design sketches.”

With this approach, it is unlikely that the final assets will ever be as effective as they could be. But, involving a web developer at an early stage can ensure the final product performs best.

Why Are The Developers The Key?

The developers create the underlying code. They are the ones who determine the page structure. And are the ones who are responsible for how the assets render on actual devices.

Developers often have the most accurate knowledge of the server environment. They choose which frameworks and libraries that are best suited to meet their goals. They can identify potential conflicts early on. And they are most familiar with coding best practices.

There are dozens of different ways to approach the development of visual assets. Each approach can result in final products that “look” the same. But, it is the development execution that determines how those assets will perform.

You put a great deal of effort into how your design looks. And have perfected the copy to portray the right messaging. Don't dismiss how these assets are brought to life. Be sure they meet development standards, and your final product will outperform!

– Wesley Denaro